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Based on the numbers of projects MIK did in the area of Subsidiary controlling, MIK developed a standard information model which covers most relevant KPI's to get a clear picture on how the Subsidiaries are performing.
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Subsidiary controlling

If a subsidiary is to enjoy lasting success, far-sighted management is crucial. Subsidiary controlling focuses on transparently visualising and steering a company’s activities in all the entities in which it has, or intends to have, a stake. To do this, suitable information structures must be set up and maintained, and information must be available to both users and executive management. The key elements are:

  • Increasing the business success of a subsidiary to boost the success of the Group as a whole
  • Tracking opportunities and risks in a subsidiary
  • Managing the Group’s shareholdings
  • Growing the value of the subsidiary

Equipped with this information, managers can utilise subsidiary controlling as an active informational and advisory tool for the investing entities.

Building on the extensive experience we have gained from rolling out subsidiary controlling tools (based on the MIK OLAP architecture) over the years, MIK has developed a standard information model incorporating the key performance indicators for controlling all subsidiary companies. Controlling-relevant indicators are presented in a standardised transparent way and can be analysed with the aid of a dynamic and flexible reporting system.

Irrespective of their source, the key performance indicators that may have been gathered from various subsidiaries in a range of different sectors are aggregated at the appropriate level of granularity. This also allows the holding company to monitor goals and indicators at a strategic level, while still allowing subsidiaries to view the data in detail.

Ultimately the standardised data creates more transparency in all areas of the business for the benefit of the enterprise as a whole. This in turn enables flexible and speedy analysis and control of all current and future shareholdings.

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