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Multidimensional 64-bit database for complex queries

prevero.ARJUNA is a 64-bit multidimensional database which is ideal for large data volumes and frequently changing structures. In-memory technology ensures fast response times.

The developers of the business-focused prevero.ARJUNA database paid particular attention to quick and easy implementation of the customer-specific user model.

The user interface to the databases provides tools for maintaining data models, user authorisation and server monitoring. Database administration and maintenance is user friendly so it can also be handled by user departments themselves.

prevero.ARJUNA’s view concept includes historical data views. Simple planning requirements are easy to implement. The server supports planning functions such as copying, filling and splashing. Support for concurrent writing means that even planning processes involving simultaneous input by multiple planners are highly efficient.

Automatic processes can be easily incorporated in prevero.ARJUNA using a batch-oriented scripting language based on VB.NET. A direct connection to prevero.ETL makes it very easy to handle complex import/export requirements.

Areas of application

  • User departments
  • IT
  • Controlling


  • Ideal for large data volumes and frequently changing structures
  • New mechanisms greatly shorten the time windows required for database maintenance
  • Concurrent writing speeds up planning-intensive applications
  • Views include historical views of the data
  • Highly robust to malfunctions
  • New integrated ETL tool
  • Extended formulas with “if then else” etc.
  • Extremely flexible scripts for batch processing can now be programmed using VB.Net

Examples of applications

  • Product profitability
  • Sales information systems
  • Marketing information systems
  • HR information systems
  • Customer relationship management
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Performance measurement
  • Logistics information systems
  • Indicator systems
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