prevero.ETL – Data management controlled by user departments

prevero.ETL is a tool for extracting data from one or more data sources, transforming it then loading it into a target database. For instance, data can be filtered or combined, and date formats can be converted or replaced.

prevero.ETL makes data from SAP, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle databases and many other data sources available. This data can then be loaded into either prevero.ARJUNA or other relational databases. This is also possible using scripts built into import routines.

prevero.ETL is so user friendly that even individual user departments can extract and transform data themselves without help from the IT department. Predefined transformation steps help users set up the most common tasks. Power users can additionally add their own Visual Basic scripts to transform the data any way they wish.

Areas of application:

  • User departments
  • IT
  • Controlling

Special features:

  • Direct connector to SAP-ERP and BW
  • Connect to relational databases via ODBC
  • Native connector to Oracle databases
  • Native connector to Microsoft SQL Server
  • OLE-DB connection possible
  • Text imports and imports from Excel
  • Predefined transformers available
  • User VB scripting possible via VB.NET
  • Output directly into prevero.ARJUNA databases
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