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Die Filialcontrolling-Lösung von MIK gewährleistet einen optimalen Informationsfluss zwischen dem Mutterunternehmen und den Filialen und schafft die Voraussetzungen zur Analyse aktueller Vertriebs- und Kundendaten, um anhand dieser entsprechend agieren bzw. reagieren und steuern zu können.
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Globalisation has resulted in far-reaching changes in many industries. Enterprises that want to stay successful in today’s marketplace need to be more flexible and act more quickly than their competitors. Many companies are consequently setting up local branches so they can focus more closely on and respond swiftly to customers’ needs in order to stay ahead of their more centralised rivals. But however flexible these branches are, they must still remain closely connected to the parent company, and it needs to be able to map all its business activities within the framework of the particular branch and product structures concerned.

The branch controlling solution from MIK ensures the optimum flow of information between a parent company and its branches, enabling the latest sales and customer data to be analysed in order to take appropriate action.

The solution provides a predefined data model for companies with a branch structure which can be extended to include customer-specific structures (branches, regions, products etc.). It also includes a retail-specific description of the business model together with customary planning and forecasting scenarios for the retail sector.

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Reference Customers

    • AMAG AG, Buchs CH
    • Poco  GmbH + Co., Hardegsen
    • EDEKA Minden-Hannover Holding, Minden
    • EDEKA Zentrale, Hamburg
    • Bauhaus, Mannheim
    • Neue Aargauer Bank, Aarau CH