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Der Getränkemarkt ist hart umkämpft. Nur wer schnell und flexibel reagieren kann, behauptet sich auf Dauer. ARJUNA gibt uns die Flexibilität, die wir bei der Auswertung unserer Unternehmensdaten brauchen. Im Prinzip können wir heute jede Fragestellung in wenigen Sekunden beantworten. Die Daten sind unglaublich transparent.

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Carsten Broens, Controlling Berentzen


Sales Controlling

When it comes to business success, sales obviously play a pivotal role as the sales strategy lays the foundations for sales growth, financial stability and assessing future market and earnings potential. And optimum sales work is essential to create a lasting value-generating partnership with customers. In view of increasingly dynamic markets it is therefore vital to focus even more closely on target groups and new prospects.

Companies that were quick off the mark to harness business intelligence tools to analyse and manage sales controlling have already been able to gain significant competitive advantages over similar firms operating without the benefit of such tools. Using sales controlling to track daily sales figures at the product level enables companies to respond more quickly to changes in product life cycles, markets or other competition-relevant factors.

Berentzen, one of MIK’s longstanding customers, recognised this at an early stage and so was able, through continuous product analysis and resulting product innovations, to keep injecting dynamism into an otherwise stagnating beverages market.

Today Berentzen is clear: “The beverages market is fiercely competitive. Only companies that are able to respond quickly and flexibly can stay the course. MIK-OLAP gives us the flexibility we need to analyse our corporate data. In principle, today we are in a position to answer any query within a few seconds. The data is incredibly transparent.”

If you would like more information about sales controlling, take a look at the case studies or just get in touch with us. We can also arrange a visit to one of our reference customers.

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    • Berentzen-Gruppe AG, Haselünne
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