MIK.bis Slideshow


Quick and clear presentations

MIK.bis SlideShow enables the user to create professional presentations from MIK.bis documents with just a few mouse clicks. Charts, tables, reports, maps, speedos etc. are linked into the SlideShow presentation as a dynamic reference rather than as a static graphic. This means that the data reference is retained and the documents are always right up to date. If a ratio is changed in another location, the SlideShow presentation is updated automatically.

A presentation can be customised using a full range of layout options, and each document can be tailored to given requirements using specific settings.
The SlideShow Viewer provides convenient and versatile navigation through the presentation.

Extremely easy to use and almost instant results: MIK.bis SlideShow is an optimum addition to the other MIK.bis modules.

Periodic analysis

Special features

  • All MIK.bis document types can be incorporated (including Office documents)
  • Guided presentation through the documents
  • Interaction options
  • Real-time data in the slide-show presentation


  • In Designer mode, documents can be inserted and positioned by Drag & Drop
  •  Various layout options
  •  Annotation of individual documents
  • Convenient navigation through the presentation: forwards/backwards, go to start/end, open slides directly via index

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